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action=mx:to work out the IP of an AOL mail server. Work out what code error is given when you try to connect from your mail server using Telnet. but use the IP address and port 25 of the AOL mail server from step 6 above. Look at the error result and compare it to this page: Follow the support request process from that page, to submit a ticket to have them fix things up. We are in the process of automating email problem report resolution.

We at: been forced by a chapter 11 of an upstream provider to move all our servers to a new IP range. How about tools that work, and a process that works to allow proper checking/de-listing.Mojo Kid writes with this excerpt from Hot Hardware: We learned this weekend that AOL's dial-up business still has over 2 million customers who pay on average just under per month for service.Regardless of how strange that seems to those of us that salivate over the prospects of gigabit Internet, folks are still clinging to 56k modems are adding millions to AOL's bottom line. Ensure your mail server IP has a RDNS – so when you do an NS lookup on the IP address it will show a name, like smtp.2. Ensure that you verify with AOL that you are the admin for that RDNS lookup name. We are starting with router-level queues, the first of which will be RTR: BB errors. We are excited to finally be addressing the part of this project that will offer, in most cases, immediate resolution to your issues.

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