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Arthur Schopenhauer was deeply impressed by the Upanishads and called it "the production of the highest human wisdom".

and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad that the word means Ātmavidyā, that is, "knowledge of the self", or Brahmavidyā "knowledge of Brahma".

Early Upanishads are considered by Hindus as part of their scriptures (śruti) that discuss the nature of ultimate reality (brahman) and the character of and path to spiritual liberation (mokṣa or mukti).

With the translation of the Upanishads in the early 19th century they also started to attract attention from a western audience.

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My research focuses on livelihoods, agrarian change, urban governance, and everyday politics and resistance.

My projects include: On this page: Leonardo Baccini | Michael Brecher | Rachel Brickner | Rex Brynen | Dominique Caouette | Julian Durazo Herman | Philippe Faucher | Tina Hilgers | Juliet Johnson | Jean François Mayer | Khalid Medani | T.

Just after college I joined the US Peace Corps and moved to China, and since then have been working on these kinds of development issues.

I think about questions like: My research methods draw from ecology, environmental and development economics, development geography, and geographic information sciences.

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