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REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic A displaced woman from the outskirts of Mosul covers herself in a blanket in the town of Bashiqa, after it was recaptured from the Islamic State, east of Mosul, Iraq, November 18, 2016.REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily A Jordanian intelligence official told Buzz Feed News that if a technology platform exists, ISIS has found a way to exploit it, and dating sites are no exception."At the end of last year, we were approached by a family living near Zarqa [Jordan's second-largest city] who believed their daughter was speaking to dangerous people online," the officer told Buzz Feed News. A man in an armoured vehicle, said to be a suicide bomber about to go out on a mission, talks to other Islamic State fighters in Iraq, in this still image taken from an amateur video supplied by Kurdish Peshmerga and received by Reuters on April 29, 2016. A man reached out to the daughter, and tried to convince her to come to Raqqa, an ISIS's safe, free and easy Join Now Join the premier destination for Assyrians looking for a match maker.Assyrian singles join everyday for relationship and friendship in this civil Assyrian community.A friend of a friend was communicating with someone on a big free dating site who claimed to be a soldier based in Iraq.His profile picture had him wearing a uniform and holding a gun, but he described himself as “shy”.Join Assyrians Today, search and chat maybe you will find your life partner here Sign Up Now Do not like dating sites? Do you feel you are going alone to too many Assyrian weddings?

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This recruitment has even reached one place you might not expect: Dating sites.Terror group fanatics are preying on unsuspecting young girls looking for love in a bid to lure them to Syria and Iraq.Potential brides are duped into believing they will wed a handsome husband before living happily ever after in a mansion with servants.Located on the Tigris, the Islamic city of Samarra was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.It contains two of the largest mosques and several of the largest palaces in the Islamic world, in addition to being among the finest example of Abbasid-era town-planning.

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