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Reports are displayed in an IFRAME that's deep in nested table land, and the IFRAME's height setting only works in IE.The end result is that reports don't display correctly in Firefox - the IFRAME's height defaults to a few hundred pixels, so you only see the top 2 inches of the report.

Of course, you can set the min-height to another value if you'd like; if you make it larger than your end user's screen height they'll see a scroll bar and may go into convulsions. One of the big changes to IE7's CSS handling is that it will stop treating height and width as min-height and min-width, but IE7 and Firefox still treat height=100% differently (at leat for IFRAMES).LOVE you bitches but your season is chaotic evil and full of robust demonic energy.I just saw a kid throw an egg across CVS Source: benepla Every Leo I have met was problematic but I mean ??I haven't found a CSS fix for this; the best option I've found so far is to add an empty textbox that stretches the width of the report.Energy, Love, and Memes: benepla oh it's Leo season that makes sense.

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