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Michelle Anthony, Ph D, a developmental psychologist and learning therapist in Denver, suggests an opening line like: “It sounds like a lot of kids are talking about dating now. ” If you can't tell what dating means to your kid, try discussing dating as shown on TV shows or in movies that are age-appropriate.

For instance, Atkins suggests asking your child why they think someone acted the way they did, and whether they made a good or healthy choice. It's your job, as their parent, to figure out if your child is ready to handle the level of dating they have in mind.

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Pay attention to how they respond when you start a conversation about dating.

“Of course it will probably be uncomfortable for both of you,” Anthony says.

Seriously, though, when is your child ready to date? "At this age, kids use dating labels but aren’t ready to have much direct one-on-one interaction beyond maybe sitting together at lunch or recess," says Dale Atkins, Ph D, a family therapist in New York.

"Most of the activity happens in a pack, and communication takes place between friend groups." By 8th grade, dating probably means talking on the phone and hanging out, usually in groups.


Jesus was a friend to all types of people, even those with loose morals, wasn’t he?

“But if he’s so uncomfortable that he gets angry or shuts down or otherwise just can’t continue the conversation, that’s a big sign that he’s not ready for this.” If so, assure your child that there’s no hurry to start dating.

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To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. 10, 2012 -- Teens in abusive relationships may be more likely to develop emotional problems and substance abuse issues as they age, a new study suggests.

The study included more than 5,600 12- to 18-year-olds who had been in one or more relationships with someone of the opposite sex back in 1996.

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