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Try running without other components (move them temporarily to another location and restart). Please copy the macam.component into the /Library/Quick Time/ directory (for access by all users on the system) or into the ~/Library/Quick Time/ (for access by only that user).

Please make sure you use the Quick Time folder in the Library directly in the root level of your hard disk (do not mix up libraries at other locations). Move older copies of macam.component or webcam.component to the Trash prior to installing the new one (if you encounter problems deleting the files: It will work after a restart).

For some reason, probably pertaining to some minimum acceptable (Apple) quality level, i Chat will not work with regular USB webcams.

It works fine with i Sight and the built-in cameras in the Intel-based notebooks (which are USB devices).

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There is a solution however,i Chat USBCam is the name of a shareware program which seems to work for many users.

In the long-term, I recommend that users who are inconvenienced by this Apple policy send in a feature enhancement request for i Chat (or, perhaps more properly, file a bug report).

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