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The Spanish-American hunk also adressed how he had turned down lucrative deals to appear on reality singing competitions like American Idol, The X Factor, and even the original cast of The Voice because of devotion to his musical career.Between her bi-weekly videos and daily vlogs, you may think that you know everything about You Tube’s Lilly Singh, better known as “Superwoman”—but in a recent video, she took on fans’ frequently asked questions and let viewers in on the more personal side of her life. Singh admits that in the past, she’s been shy about answering this question, having come from a conservative Indian community where such topics are typically taboo—and also worrying about getting “virgin shamed”—but she is ready to set the record straight. [Read Related: “Lilly Singh and Humble the Poet Release ‘IVIVI’ Part 2, EDM-Style“] One fan asked Superwoman if her hair has ever fallen in the toilet and while she wasn’t sure if that specific scenario has played out, she admitted that having such lock tresses can be a bit of a hazard.

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When he was two, he was adopted by his step-father Conrad Pete Sandoval.

Unfortunately, the documents were mixed up and he became Conrad Pete Dominic Sandoval.

He legally changed it when he was 16, as he explains his You Tube video called "10 Things You Never Knew About Me."He began breakdancing at age 13 and has performed at NBA and WNBA games, as well as won the 2005 "Evolution 2" competition held in Orlando, Florida with his breaking crew, Flexible Flav.

During the show's first season, Sandoval appeared as a guest judge on Internet Icon.

Sandoval is also a member of the musical group YTF Legacy (short for Yesterday, Today, Forever).

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