Christian dating being intentional

To remind her of his constant love, he wrote her letters—one each day, in fact. But, lo and behold, I soon found in a long-distance relationship. Because of our global society, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, with the right handling, a long-distance relationship can be a positive experience that results in a lasting relationship. They fell in love but he had to keep travelling with his job. My aunt told me a story like this many years ago and it’s always stuck with me—and made me leery of long-distance relationships.

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So today I’d like dust away the cobwebs and flesh out my thoughts on masturbation.

I encourage you to read the original post so you understand the context of today’s article.

My goal in writing the initial post was to help the single woman understand herself and how God created her. However, since sexual expression and intimacy are reserved for a marriage relationship, God gives us wisdom and grace to live pure holy lives in our single years ( married years too.) Desires and feelings are not supposed to control us and in my post, I shared several tips on how to keep yourself unmastered by sexual feelings. Because I’ve read articles where authors interpret 1 Corinthians as God’s “way out” for single men and women struggling with sexual drives.

Elsewhere in the Bible, we are commanded to pursue purity of soul, body and mind.

“RUN from sexual sin” 1 Corinthians (emphasis mine) “Do not awaken love until its time” Song of Solomon 8:4 “Fix your thoughts on what is pure” Philippians 4:8 “do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh” Romans “How can a young person stay pure?

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