Business networking speed dating

The Entrepreneur You've probably been to one of those networking events where you meet people, strike up conversations, collect a handful of business cards, then never actually follow up and connect with those people again.For 20-something young professionals just starting out, the art of networking can be especially mystifying.Over the next five minutes, I’m expected to orchestrate a cohesive connection or idea for collaboration.Meanwhile, there’s a group organizer walking around making sure that I’m connecting with someone–no pressure!He loved the concept and invested, and when they asked him to come on as chief executive, he agreed.Barrientos and the Brazen Careerist team made the decision to move the company to Mc Lean to be near Washington, D. , one of the nation's largest concentrations of educated young professionals.My first speed-networking experience was daunting to say the least.

Essentially the paper is about how a group of scientists used science to improve collaboration among attendees of a scientific meeting.Simply put, the goals were two, to introduce people who would not traditionally meet and to optimize the way attendees meet potential collaborators for projects.Researchers asked a few questions before the event aimed at understanding competency/skills and degrees of separation.The methods (I’ll cover them in depth in the next sections) involved speed dating and playing with degrees of separation, the result was 87.5% of attendees being very enthusiastic about the event.Collaboration is essential for scientific meetings. Getting attendees to know each other leads to research collaborations. Hence why a group of researchers got together to find the best way to match attendees and foster collaboration.

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